International research reports identify AML360 as a leading software vendor in AML compliance.  We provide your business with an end-to-end compliance solution from where you can establish, manage and maintain your AML CFT risk assessment, programme and client profiling. AML360 is passionate about simplifying and reducing costs of anti-money laundering compliance. We achieve this through smart use of RegTech. This is a tailored solution for all industry sectors.  Contact us for a product demonstration.

AML Best Software


AML360 responds to the needs of reporting entities by providing high quality compliance tools. The AML360 dashboard is easily customised to your requirements.​


AML360 has taken the talent from software engineers and AML professionals to design an end-to-end compliance dashboard.


As an automated compliance dashboard, your business significantly reduces human resourcing commitment, saving time and money.


Easily embed anti-money laundering controls into your day-to-day business operations. Start off on the right foot and protect reputation.


We are one of the most affordable AML compliance solutions on the market. We cater to small, medium and large organisations.


Your dashboard includes case management from where you can set tasks to manage clients and activity monitoring.

End-to-End Regulatory Technology

From business risk assessments, programme development, PEPs / Sanctions screening, client profiling and transaction monitoring – AML360 ensures your compliance framework is centralised, streamlined and easily maintained on an ongoing basis. Through automation you significantly reduce compliance costs. 

Risk Assessment

Streamline your business risk assessment.  Receive heat maps, a comprehensive risk report and a risk guidance manual. Easy updates.


Receive your compliance programme, along with an industry guidance manual and customer due diligence flow-charts. Save to PDF or use the embed key for an online publication to your in-house systems.

Client Profiling

Use snap-shot data for ongoing due diligence. Client data is readily available in heat maps and summary tables. 

PEPs & Sanctions

AML360 has partnered with Dow Jones to provide you a practical work flow for PEPs and Sanctions screening. 

Case Management

Set task actions with priority levels and assign task owners. Track and monitor progress.

Transaction Activity

Your AML360 dashboard includes advanced transaction monitoring filters. Easily identify red flag activity.

Risk Profiling

There are unlimited options for risk profiling including customers and compliance reviews. Client profiling can be through individual data entry or bulk upload.

AML Customer Profiling

Country Analysis

Access reputable data sources for jurisdiction risks or tailor country risks to your specific business requirements.


Complete your 90 min online training programme.  Activities, assessment and training certificate provided.


For half the cost of an employee, we provide you with a full time AML professional, along with regulatory technology and a complete AML/CFT framework. Your business retains decision making and the role  of the AML CFT Compliance Officer.