Login to your AML360 account.  Enter the email address to send the AML CFT business risk report.  Work your way through the data queries and select responses from the dropdown box. Once done, click ‘Calculate’.  You will receive a comprehensive risk report, including a heat map and explanatory notes to describe each risk.  With our dual package you also receive a comprehensive compliance programme and guidance manual.

Phase 2 AML

AML360 does not provide its users a template. Any information that is unique to a business can be incorporated. This is the difference between a template and a reliable risk methodology.


Your risk assessment report provides tips and prompts for developing your programme. This ensures your risk programme is aligned to your risk assessment – a regulatory obligation. 


You pick the time to complete your risk assessment and programme.  If an interruption occurs, save your work and finish when it is more convenient.  

money laundering risk assessment
AML Risk Assessment


AML360 provides commentary on why certain elements of a business have inherent high risk.  We carefully explain these factors and provide guidance information for the development of your compliance programme.  

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Easily Interpret Risk

Heat maps and a risk gauge assists you to easily interpret hot-spots across your business operations.

Money Laundering Risk Assessment

Local or International

If your business has multiple entities, you can examine risks at a group level or drill down to single reporting entity.

All Industries

We have tailored risk assessments to meet the requirements for reporting entities supervised by the DIA, RBNZ or FMA.

AML Risk Assessment

Meet Expectation

Your assessment examines the regulatory key risks and incorporates findings from the sector and national risk assessments.

Easy Edits

Easily keep your risk assessment and programme up-to-date. Login to your dashboard and use the edit feature, enter any changes, then save.

Save Time

Simply login and follow instructions on the screen. All the hard work has been done. AML360 makes AML CFT compliance as easy as 1-2-3.