With our digital solution, staff consistently have access to the most current policy version. Eliminate paper.

AML Programme

AML360 provides an end-to-end editing tool so that you can develop your anti-money laundering programme to your requirements.  Features include the ability to collaborate with key stakeholders during policy development, embed forms for your work process flow, add your logo and branding style, embed online access to your in-house computer systems. Flow charts for customer onboarding included.

AML Programme


Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews and iterative approaches.


Insert your logo and use the encryption feature to embed your online Programme to your in-house systems.

Take Control

Our programme eliminates consulting fees whilst at the same time providing you advice from AML professionals.

Editing Tool

All updates are published instantly to your in-house link. Revisions can be tracked.


Your guidance manual includes advice on best practice and mandatory legal requirements.


From within the programme, staff can raise questions direct with the AML Compliance Officer.


If your staff are out of the office, your programme is accessible direct from a mobile device.


You can use the AML360 platform for all your policies such as HR policy and codes of conduct.


You can print to PDF.  A title page with the date and the version reference are automated.

AML Programme

Mobile Responsive

If your staff are regularly out of the office they can access the programme direct to their mobile device.

Flexible Editing

You receive a comprehensive AML CFT compliance module with access to a flexible editing tool from where you can modify to your requirements.

Anti Money Laundering Programme
AML Programme

Guidance Manual

The guidance manual provides advice on best practice and highlights mandatory legislative requirements.

Embed Locally

An encryption option allows your business to place your online programme onto your local in-house computer systems.  This option ensures your staff always have instant access to the most recent version.

Phase 2 AML
Accountants AML


You can use the AML360 dashboard as a centralised platform for all your policies and  manuals. Graphs let you know those policies that are most active.


You can turn on the feedback option to respond to staff queries or for collaborating with senior management during the programme development.  Feedback email notifications are sent to your AML Compliance Officer and also filed in the admin area of your dashboard. 

AML Programme
AML Phase 2

Search Feature

The built-in search feature produces a list of topics that best match the search words entered. The order of topics in the results is based on the appearance of the search words in the topic’s Title, Body and Keywords.


You can print to PDF.  A title page with the date and the version reference are automated.

PDF AML Programme