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AML Software
Eliminate paper - automate record keeping
We assist small and medium sized businesses establish effective regulatory solutions, with digital framework.
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All-in-One AML/CFT Compliance Framework
AML/CFT compliance requires many different skills and disciplines but hiring an AML professional and developing solutions comes at a high cost. We have changed that. The AML360 platform will have your business performing like an AML expert and completing tasks with lightening speed.
AML Compliance Software
Work Flows
Our systems automate work flows. This ensures day-to-day practice is meeting business policy requirements and a level of regulatory certainty.
Money Laundering Software
Heat Maps
Large data is reduced into attractive charts. This method of easy interpretation means less of your time is required for reading bulky reports.
Money laundering software
We make it easy for you to design your own rules for client profiling or transaction monitoring. Alternatively, Click and Go.
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AML360 is passionate about reducing compliance costs whilst simplifying processes.
AML360 reduces the burden of anti-money laundering compliance for small and medium sized businesses. We provide a low-cost monthly subscription and a system that allows immediate implementation. You can be operating an automated AML/CFT framework within 24 hours.