Regulatory Technology for AML Compliance

With the AML360 solution your organisation can be compliant within minutes.  We have One Click Reporting for business risk assessments and client risk profiling.

AML Audits NZ

Quickly Deploy Policy, Procedures and Controls for AML/CFT Compliance.

AML Business Risk Assessment

Business Risk Assessment

Single Entity or Corporate Group.

AML Sector Risks

Sector Risk Profiling

Regulatory Sector Risks

AML Compliance Reviews

Desk Based Reviews

Easily manage oversight.​

AML Analytics

Deep Data Analytics

Ongoing Monitoring.

AML Client Risks

Client Risk Register

ID Verification & Risk Profiling.

Case Management

End-to-End Compliance Tool.

Cloud Based Regulatory Technology

AML360 deploys digital platforms to automate compliance policy & regulations. Sample AML/CFT business risk assessment below:

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Frequently asked questions

Workflow optimisation is the improvement of an existing workflow, by reducing operating costs, improving the efficiency of work done, or adding new functions to an existing workflow, which ensures the workflow performs as efficiently as possible.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a way of delivering an application over the internet. So, instead of installing the software on your server, you simply access it through the internet. You don’t need to buy, install or manage any hardware. Just open your web browser, login and go.

For small business entities, the AML/CTF risk assessment is $335 and AML/CTF Compliance HealthCheck is $159. Each has a 12-month subscription, with unlimited updates.

Your ongoing cost is limited to your monthly subscription which you can cancel at anytime.  Maintenance and installation costs are covered. Enjoy the convenience of accessing your database straight from the internet without investing in costly hardware installs or maintaining software updates. We will take care of all of that, from updates and security to hardware maintenance.

The co-founders of AML360 were former AML advisers to government. Each recognised small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) were struggling with AML/CTF compliance obligations. The limited budgets of SMEs restricted the options of hiring skilled staff or obtaining services from consultancy professionals. These factors motivated the co-founders to develop AML/CTF compliance software with automated embedded best practice and a simple user interface. Most importantly, the cost factor had to be affordable. 

You can access AML360 anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection and access to any web-enabled device.

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